Secure Your Web Applications!

A comprehensive security review is made by our experts on web application by manual techniques and our own developed tools and scripts to identify the weakness points, misconfiguration or unshielded components within the customer web application that might be used widly in well known application nowadays. RedForce focuses on key areas of OWASP standards that include

Business Logic Testing
Session Management
Data Validation
Error Handling, Auditing and Logging

Benefits to Your Business!

Reveal and arrange security vulnerabilities.

Demonstrates the real risk of vulnerabilities.

Ensure business continuity.

Fullfil the regulations and legal compliance requirements.

Maintain trust for customers and company image.

Establishing where the company stands in terms of security.

Reports and Recommendations

We provide summary reports along with the following deliverables:

A confidence, established in organization of a secure and efficient system..

Application developed with highest security standards engulfs trust from partners and stakeholders.

External auditors and top management can always rely and be confident by proving that the initiative for best security system is in place has been taken.

Our penetration testing will scour through your application environment to even identify potential risks and take necessary actions.

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